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Author: Leo Künne | Published At: 10.04.2024

New software for automating network configurations for the event industry

Aachen, 10.04.2024 – CX-Networks GmbH, a company focused on technology innovation, is proud to announce the release of its latest software aimed at simplifying and optimising network configurations in the events industry. The events industry is on the verge of a breakthrough in the efficiency and reliability of its network infrastructure, thanks to the introduction of a pioneering software solution. In an industry characterised by temporary events, new AV technologies and growing demand for IT networks, companies, technicians and freelancers are facing increasing challenges in setting up and managing networks. Networks often need to be set up quickly and adapted to changing requirements, which can lead to complexity and potential errors.

The new software, the CX Engine, offers a revolutionary approach to overcoming the complex challenges of setting up and managing networks during events of any size. By integrating advanced algorithms and a user-friendly interface, CX-Engine enables seamless automation of network configurations, saving organisations, event technicians and freelancers significant time and resources. The outstanding features of the software include

  • Automated configuration: The CX-Engine fully automates the network configuration process by using intelligent algorithms to determine the optimal settings for each device and requirement during an event.
  • User-friendly interface: Equipped with an intuitive user interface, the CX-Engine enables technicians to carry out network configurations effortlessly, even without extensive IT knowledge.
  • Save time by configuring multiple devices simultaneously: The ability to configure multiple devices from different manufacturers at the same time allows the CX-Engine to save a considerable amount of time. This function optimises the workflow and improves efficiency when setting up and managing networks during events.

"With the CX-Engine, we have made the complex technology that CX-Networks GmbH has been using for several years to configure networks as efficiently as possible available to the general event industry.", said Leo Künne, CEO of CX-Networks GmbH. "With the CX-Engine, we want to make the event industry network-safe by eliminating the complexity of network configurations and providing users with an efficient and reliable solution to optimise network connectivity at events."

The introduction of the CX-Engine starts a new chapter in the development of networking technologies for the event industry and promises to change the way networks are set up and managed during events. For more information about the CX-Engine and its functionalities, please visit the CX-Engine product page. (

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