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CX-Networks GmbH is a young company founded in January 2022. We offer IT services in the field of event technology. Networks are becoming an increasingly important part of event technology and the demands on system technicians are increasing with the complexity of networks at events. Technicians must not only be familiar with lighting, sound and video technology, but also with the requirements for networks.
CX-Networks helps companies, their employees and system engineers to use networks more effectively and reliably at events. Our goal is to professionalize networks and digital solutions, make them more secure, and provide a point of contact.
We have developed the CX Gateway specifically for this purpose and, in combination with the SaaS solutions CX-Monitoring, CX-Log and CX-Storage, offer a comprehensive package for simpler, more efficient and more secure operation of technology at events. The technologies and services are significantly driven by our technicians and tested in the field.

Origin of the idea

Through Corona, I have dealt a lot with the network topic. The more I immersed myself in the topic, the greater my enthusiasm for it became.

July 2021
September 2021

CX-Gateway idea

As time went by, I realized more and more possibilities to professionalize network technology in the event industry. The idea of securing event networks and connecting them with other networks was born.

Development of the CX Gateway

In October 2021 the development of the CX Gateway started. Case, server and a firewall were purchased to develop a concept. The concept was completed in December 2021.

Oct. - Dec. 2021
November 2021

Development of CX-Log and CX-Monitoring

In November, the development of the CX-Log and CX-Monitoring has started. In the process, the integration of the concept of the CX gateway and services was tested, standardized and automated.

Company formation

CX-Networks GmbH was founded in January 2022. With the aim to professionalize the network technology in the event industry.

04 January 2022

Roadmap for new features

There are so many ideas, which want to be implemented quickly. Here you can find an overview of the ideas we are actively planning and implementing. Here you can always see what we are working on.
The CX-Gateway is configured by CX-Networks specifically to your requirements. So that you can adapt your configuration personally, there shall be an app with which you can create the configuration of your CX-Gateway yourself. With it you can then e.g. regulate the accesses to the networks independently or also create your own WLANs.
Single-Pane-Of-Glass Configuration
Automatic Configuration Backup
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Leo Künne
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