"Documentation, traceability and control all in one"
The CX-Log is a service specifically designed to monitor and analyze log information from devices at events. The log messages from the devices are read, analyzed and visualized in real time. The logs can be finely searched, filtered and visualized. The security of your data is very important to us, which is why your data is transmitted - encrypted to the highest standard - via a VPN tunnel. The processed information can be conveniently accessed from anywhere with your cell phone, tablet or laptop. Detect critical conditions directly before they lead to a failure.
GrandMA Support - MALog
CX-Networks' MA-Log integrates the GrandMA ecosystem with the CX-Log. It collects, analyzes and visualizes log information from GrandMA systems. Combined with the dashboards, monitoring the GrandMA system is a breeze.
The intuitive, structured and preconfigured dashboards display all important information on one page. With the help of line charts, tables or pie charts, the logs can be analyzed in detail and yet clearly. The customizable and personalizable interface allows you to create your dashboard the way you want it.
CX-Log Desktop
CX-Log Mobile
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