"The must-have for every systems engineer"
The CX Gateway is specially adapted to the work of system technicians and is the link between you and the future of the event industry.
Next generation firewall
The built-in Enterprise Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) controls and monitors the network traffic in your network. It is specially preconfigured according to the requirements of event technology and can be individually adapted by us. For example, it allows you to manage Internet access or set up personalized remote access - security is the top priority here.
With the help of built-in servers, you and the system technicians are provided with pre-configured computers for the event. This allows access as well as management of your network from anywhere and with any terminal device. In addition, we can react quickly, reliably and individually to changing circumstances and wishes.
Supported Software
Nowadays many devices get configured by a software. The CX-Gateway comes with a variety of preinstalled software
GrandMA2 onPC
With the onPC software for the GrandMA2 systems, a GrandMA2 system can be conveniently and efficiently controlled, monitored and operated.
GrandMA3 onPC
With the onPC software for the GrandMA3 systems, a GrandMA3 system can be conveniently and efficiently controlled, monitored and operated.
Lumunex Araneo
Luminex's Araneo software makes configuring Luminex network switches simple and straightforward.
If more complicated settings have to be made or a session has to be written, Putty can be used to access the device directly via SSH or Telnet.
Green Go 4
With the complete Green Go 4 Suite, all Green Go devices can be managed and configured with version 4.X software.
Green Go 5
With the complete Green Go 5 Suite, all Green Go devices can be managed and configured with version 5.X software.
Dante Controller
The Dante Controller is used to create the Dante patch and manage the devices on the Dante network.
LA Network Manager
The LA Network Manager is used to configure and manage all devices in the LA-Net.
Stream your event live and uninterrupted on a platform of your choice. Your livestream is handled separately and prioritized. In case of a multiple connection to the internet, the CX-Gateway offers the possibility to automatically change the active line in case of an error, without interrupting the livestream and with the same security standard. It is no longer necessary to change a cable!
CX-Networks is your reliable contact, which you can contact at any time free of charge and which supports you 24/7 in solving problems. By combining all technologies in the CX-Gateway as well as the CX-Cloud, diagnoses are performed quickly and easily in the shortest possible time. Possible errors or problems can be solved immediately, regardless of location.
The main purpose of the CX-Gateway is monitoring, i.e. the monitoring of networks. Through the connection to the CX-Cloud you have the possibility to use the service of monitoring directly from the cloud. Due to the automatic monitoring you know the state of your network and are immediately informed about possible problems.
With the highest security standards, CX-Gateway offers the possibility to provide your networks with Internet. You can allow or deny access to certain websites and prioritize connections to them. Lock out devices and prohibit them from accessing the Internet. Firmware and software updates can be downloaded and installed directly.
Built into the case - ready for your event
You can rent the CX-Gateway directly in the case from us and use it at your event. Optionally a 4U DoubleDoor-Rack or a 4U Amptown Variorack is available.
Due to the built-in PowerCon input with cut-through, the CX-Gateway integrates perfectly into your existing infrastructure. You can place the CX-Gateway anywhere you can reach your networks. The typical position is the main data city or any point within a ring network.
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