The presets

Presets are the tools you work with. Here you define all your settings as you need them.

Add a preset

A preset is a collection of settings for unit types. Yes, you can configure several unit types in one preset.


You have to give each preset a name to identify it later. For example, you can name your groups by discipline or by position: "Sound Switches" or "Stage Right".


You can assign an individual color to each preset. This way you can make your presets clearer and implement your usual color scheme.

Edit presets

To show you how to set settings, here is the preset for a networkswitch. Each device type provides its own settings, which you can set.


With this setting you can set the host name of the networkswitch.


Here you can add VLANs to the switch. You must set the name and the VLAN ID on each switch.


Here you can configure the ports of the switch. With the "Add" button you can add a port to the preset. The ID is the port number. You can configure the port either as a trunk or as a normal port. The VLAN ID sets the native VLAN on the port. In the example, ports 1 to 4 are configured as access ports. Ports 1 and 2 are assigned to VLAN 10, the Dante Primary VLAN, and ports 3 and 4 are assigned to VLAN 20, the Dante Secondary VLAN. Port 10 is configured as a trunk VLAN with VLAN 1 as the native VLAN.


Finally, you can specify whether you want to save the configuration. This is very practical if you want to try something out but are not sure if it works or if you lock yourself out. When the switch is restarted, the switch would jump back to the last saved state.
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